Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lazy Daze

Yesterday dawned blazingly bright and I'm afraid all plans of disapearing into my little work room went out the window. Sometimes my will power deserts me, what can I say?

My good lady wife did the honours with a picnic and we headed off in search of a beach that wasn't overwhelmed with holiday makers. Not that I have any objections to tourists, I'm well aware of the important role they play in Cornwall's economy, but I'm quite a solitary soul (ok, I'm a cantankerous old druid who finds it hard to resist the urge to shout "OI, stop digging up my beach" whenever I see a child with a bucket and spade!).

A little bit of local knowledge came in handy and we actually didn't have to travel very far. Only a mile away the town beach was crammed to bursting with happy holiday makers going lobster pink in the sun but a short walk across a field or two and a clamber down a few rocks and we could have been a million miles away. We weren't completly isolated, the occaisional dog walker came by to say "hello", but we were largly undisturbed. The town beach may have sand instead of pebbles and have been scraped clean of all its seaweed every morning, but give me solitude and a sea shore the way nature intended any day of the week. Pristine sand? They can keep it. 

After a mooch along the shore collecting a few little bits of driftwood and sea shells (and sadly collecting up a fair few plastic bottles, crisp packets and carrier bags... HOW HARD IS IT TO TAKE ONE'S RUBBISH HOME? Seriously, if one can carry it all out there when full, surely its no real effort to carry it home when its empty?) we settled down in a sheltered spot to while away an hour or six.  The sun was hot, the breeze was deliciously cool and our picnic was simply delicious.

I'm now convinced I'm married to a mermaid. Despite having forgotten to take swimsuit or towel, my completely insane wife was definately not prepared to settle for a quick paddle! After quite a bit of squealing and protesting about the cold I thought I'd literally have to drag her out of the sea to go home. My very own water baby. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in the sun listening to the laughter of the woman I love and watching her cut through the waves as though she was born to it.

Today though, its nose to the grindstone. All my little projects are starting to mount up. I'm determind to get something finished today. Refreshed from my lazy day yesterday, anything is possible.

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